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xdeadxstarrx's Journal

20 May
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D.J Acevedo
5/13/87 - 4/6/04

Dita Von Teese

Made by litegod
Dita is Classic Beauty Love.
Made By:litegod

Rufus Wainwright Love
Marilyn Monroe is Love

made by _shardsofme_

<33 Cristina Scabbia




agressive, amy brown, apc, athiest, atreyu, bette davis, biting, bjork, bleeding, blindside, blood, blue eyes, body mod, bondage, break ups, bruise, bulimia, candles, cherries, chokers, choking, cold, concerts, cooking, cradle of fear, cradle of filth, craving, cristina scabbia, crossbreed, cutting, dark art, darkness, death, denial, depression, diet, disturbed, dita von teese, dreams, eating disorder, enya, evanescence, eyeliner, felicity, fishnets, ghost world, girl interrupted, glitter, hair dye, halloween, hatebreed, heather sweet, him, horoscope, insanity, interview with a vampire, jack off jill, jelly beans, kidney thieves, kill hannah, kisses, kissing, kittie, kmfdm, knifes, korn, lacuna coil, licking, lilies, loneliness, lonesome, love, love songs, lust, manson, metallica, msi, music, my ruin, nightmares, nin, nine inch nails, oakenfold, obsession, old movies, one hour photo, orgy, otep, pain, parties, peircings, photography, poetry, port richey, psychology, purple, queen of the damned, quizes, rain, rasmus, religion, rob zombie, roller coasters, roses, sadness, scar, scared, scarling, scars, scrabble, scratching, screams, secrets, self harm, sharp stuff, sims, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, smurf ice cream, st pete, staind, stars, stickers, stigmata, stone sour, strange, strangeland, strawberries, strobe lights, swimming, tattoos, tatu, tears, terror, texas chainsaw masacre, thoughts, tickling, tool, torrid, torture, touch, trust, vampires, venting, violet, white oleander, will and grace, winter, writing, zodiac