Amanda (xdeadxstarrx) wrote,

"For what city and state?"

hm well suppose i'll update real quick
Just waiting for anthony to come over now. then we are going to ticket master to HOPEFULLY get his ticket for the avenged sevenfold concert:) YAY! then diana is picking us up at 2:30. i dont know the band that well let alone all the others but diana but me a ticket for my bday along with atreyu next month - which im very excited about:) so yeah we are going today. thank u diana! love u ! ..hmm i just got done ironing my hair.. my mom dyed it for me last night.. it didnt come out the blue i wanted but at least it wasnt $100+. next im doing purple. ooh yeah
i cant wait:) lol
well im in a better mood then last night as one of u may be able to tell. or two of u .depending on whom is reading this and whomever cares..
got in trouble last night though it was in no way my fault. but i wont argue..
and im sorry u were mad at me. hope ur not still..
i took some pics on here for diana and chrissy to show them my hair so i will just post them here too :)

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